Astrologer in jalandhar punjab

Astrologer in jalandhar punjab

Astrologer pravin is most reputed and trusted astrologer in jalandhar punjab and provides best astrology services in jalandhar punjab, provides free astrology services in jalandhar punjab, good astrologer in jalandhar punjab, and top famous astrologer in jalandhar punjab. Astrologer pravin is best palm reader and kundali expert, best vedic astrologer in jalandhar punjab call +91-7742454565 astrologer pravin (palmist)

best astrologer in jalandhar punjab/ free astrology services in jalandhar punjab call 07742454565

 Astrologer in jalandhar punjab

Pandit astrologerpravin are one of the india’s and Asia’s best and top Astrologers and he is get Awarded with the National and International Gold Medals in Astrology. He is well known to be an jyotish guru, and Vaastu samrat etc.


• Astrologers can be wrong but Astrology cant
• Always see the Merits of others Ignore Demerits
• Knowledge of the Astrology is the best Knowledge
• Always be happy or atleast try to be happy even in difficult situations
• speak less learn n observe more
• Try to learn something from Every situation
• Dont waste your time in gossiping, because gossiping is one the major sins of the world.
• There is a Solution to every problem of this world, you just need to find out that by working hard for it
• Always be balanced, dont feel excited in a good time,even dont feel sad in a bad time
• comforts, discomforts, sukh, dukh, good, bad arises from our selfishness and desires.
• If you want to get success in life, dont get satisfied from the short goals, sky is the limit
• If you want to get Happiness, start practicing sacrifice


Astrology consists of, the nine planets, Twelve houses and Twenty Seven stars. Our solar system is only a fragment of this Universe which has many other such Solar Systems. Out of many luminous bodies sighted in the skies, some are stars, yet some are planets. The stars have no movement. Planets move through the nakshatras in the Zodiac.

The Planets do not have the same meaning in astronomy and astrology. The moon in astronomy reflects light from the Sun. But in Astrology it has been given the same rank as that of the Sun. Rahu and Ketu (the Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail) are just the nodal points in astronomy. In astrology these are known as Shadowy planets. Rahu and Ketu always remain exactly 180 degrees apart from each other. Their positions are formed when the moon crosses the eliptic from Northern latitude to Southern latitude and vice versa.

The Zodiac (circle of 360 degrees) has no beginning or end, it is just the circle of light. To measure this circle of light an arbitrary point is taken into consideration which is the first point of Aries at zero degree of the first star Ashwini.

The Zodiac of 360 degree if divided by Twenty Seven gives 13 degree 20 minutes being mansions of each nakshatra. Each nakshatra is further divided into four parts called padas or charans measuring 3 degree 20 minutes each.

Each planet is given the lordship of three nakshatras out of these Twenty Seven nakshatras. The Zodiac is also divided into Twelve Parts measuring 30 degree each which is known as Rashis or Sun Signs. best astrology services in punjab


• when saturn is at 3rd House, Native’s Lives at Corner’s House or House with the dead Ends
• The dashas of Venus(shukra) gives lots of troubles to Native
• saturn of 2nd house makes the Native Good Astrologer, but he faces lots of struggle
• Rahu of 1st or 7th House makes the native Manuplative and Researcher
• The Malefic sun of the 1st house can give Eye problems and severe Headaches
• Malefic Rahu and Mars of 5th house can give major stomach problems and Stomach Operations.
• If Any planets Goes 3 or 11 from its own sign, gives malefic Effects to that house
• saturn and jupitar plays major role for the cancellation of the Manglik Factor
• Moon of 5th house makes the native very supportive
• Mercury and Venus of 1st or 7th house makes the native music and art Lover
• If Jupiter is at 1st, 4th or 9th house, Going Against and speaking Against for the Brahmins and saints can prove Very Inauspicious.
• saturn or Ketu of 7th house or 1st house, Native should go for Intercaste marriage


we provide solutions to Any problem of this world with the help of Palmistry, Face reading, Janam kundali, Matchmaking, Vaastu shastra, foot reading, Body Language reading, Lagna chart, charts, Varshphal, Numerology, Gemology(Gem stones), Dream Astrology, Signature Science, Notation Astrology, Querology(Prashan Astrology), Mahurat Astrology, Previous and coming birth’s reading, Lucky stones, Yantra, Tantra, Mantra, Hawans, Poojas, Marriages, special poojas and jaaps, And Yagya Specialists.

Best vedic astrologer in jalandhar punjab.

Astrologer pravin is trusted & reputed astrologer in jalandhar punjab and best vedic astrologer in jalandhar punjab call astrologer pravin +91-7742454565 palm reader and best kundali spacialist astrologer call now provides free astrology services in jalandhar punjab.

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astrologer in jalandharastrologer in jalandhar

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