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astrologer in india best astrologer in 2022


Astrology is an ancient science. It deals with the inter relation of the signs of zodiac, The houses/ cusps , The constellations ( Nakshatras) and the planets . These combinations influences the thought processes and decision making capacities of the humans to a large extent thereby shaping the life events and destiny of people.The true meaning of astrology is the “ Message of the Stars”. Astrology does not permit one to classify anything as an accident, as it explains the cause and effect of events. best astrologer in india, best astrologer in punjab, best astrologer in ahmrdabad, best astrologer in jalandhar, best astrologer in bhopal, astrologerpravin call 07742454565 best vedic astrologer.

Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System)

This is an excellent system (Paddhati) of astrological predictions discovered by late Sothida Mannan, Jyotish Marthand Sri. K.S. Krishnamurti. KP system lays emphasis on Constellations(Nakshatras) and is very systematic and regarded as most accurate system of the present times. It is specifically used for getting minute predictions.

Horary Astrology

This branch of astrology is mysterious, perfect, wonderful and most useful. With this one can offer correct, clear and precise predictions. This helps an astrologer to confirm what prediction he has to give by using other methods. Generally this branch of science is resorted to mostly when the time of birth is doubtful and the natal chart is incorrect. This method is as rational and scientific as any other branch of astrology. It is the sublime art of fore-seeing events from the position of the planets at the moment when one propounds seriously a question about any important matter. best astrologer in india.

astrologerpravin is an expert Astrologer and has good command and knowledge of Vedic Astrology and Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System). He scientifically analyses the horoscope in detail before reading out predictions. He uses Horary astrology as a strong tool to confirm the horoscope readings. best astrologer in india 2022

Rectification of birth time is very crucial before studying any horoscope. astrologerpravin has got expertise in birth time rectification which helps in correct analysis of a horoscope. best vedic astrologer in india.

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Business problem solution can be analyzed through business astrology. Surprised? Yes, it may seem meaningless but it is astounding to know the count of people who are happily successful in their business endeavors after this consultation. As explained earlier there are many factors to this. Instead of going through tedious internet searches and doubtfully approaching to the correct guide, you will find the famous astrologer Astrologer Pravin the guide who will make the problems vanish. Call now : best astrologer in india.


Marriage is the union of two souls and therefore one of the most special relations of this world. Love is the only thing which keeps this relationship going for a lifetime. It is considered as the holy knot in our country. Like any other relationship, this relation also requires commitment but it also require trust, dedication and honesty towards each other. Every relation has its own ups and downs but the only thing which brings the good times back is love. vashikaran specialist.


We all want a partner to love in life, but falling in love is not always like it is in the movies, as reality is quite different. But we cannot give up. Like they say, “Where there’s a way, there’s a will,” and astrologers can help even in the affairs of the heart. Whether it is finding the love of your life or getting your lost love back, our love specialist astrologer is the person you would want to come to. love problem solution specialist.


Career forms a major crux of our life and life can turn out to be a complete nightmare if you are in the clutches of a job you do not like or a party if you absolutely love what you do for a living. Life is never a smooth ride and all sorts of troubles will keep popping up and for a fraction of us, they might be career problems. For some, they might not be able to move to a job they prefer and for others financial or other personal problems might be the hurdles and then there might also be a few more, which despite their best efforts will remain stagnant at a post. best vedic astrologer in india.


Occurrences of problems and obstacles within a family are nothing unusual. It can even happen to the best of families; even the most functional ones. However, when the problems tend to spill over into one’s professional and social lives, that’s when one needs to look for solutions. The problems can range from the most trivial of matters to quite difficult and painful ones but all problems are troublesome and if the trivial matters are occurring with frequency; you must seek help. 

Astrologer in india

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